About us

KAMELEOO was created as a result of an explosion of energy and ideas that had been occupied by the body and head of a positively crazy man for many, many years … but only took a specific form and content when he met the Woman of his life on his way. Like an ancient muse, she made everything feel meaningful and meaningful. And so, one winter afternoon, when the color of gray had reigned in the sky for several days, and the sun was known only from stories, the idea came to mind to create a brand of clothes that would give people joy, energy and comfort. And, of course, the colors that sometimes are really scarce in our climate. Therefore, KAMELEOO can often be seen in various places around the globe, because we visit the world with passion and, thanks to travels, we recharge our batteries, and we get ideas to always smuggle some element of the place where we have been in our projects.

Our pattern is a chameleon that can perfectly adapt to its surroundings, just like the clothes we design. We want to dress people who love sports, dancing and traveling, but also those who love to lie on the couch for hours with their favorite book in their hands. Our clothes are the perfect solution for anyone who appreciates freedom, comfort and effective design. We invite you to our world where there is no place for boredom – just be careful Kameleoo is addictive.

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